Cowboy Freak-out

“Enough of the horsing around, although that is what us cowboys do…” Vice is like any current film in its delivery; it sort of throws its arms around for a while and then gets tired, in the end becoming an out-pour of exhausted thoughts. The film constantly introduces itself, full of montages and strange old YouTube clips. At first Cheney is a day-dreaming rock and … Continue reading Cowboy Freak-out

The Favourite

The Favourite is a highly contained story as is Lanthimos’ fashion, with a small cast, and a simplistic plot where people act according to otherworldly rules. Dogtooth, his second feature, is a great analogy for his films as a whole. A father attempts to contain his children within his house for their entire lives, telling them the world outside is dangerous and they’re better off … Continue reading The Favourite

Closed Box/Open Wound

Transitional Justice in “No” – Pablo Larraín. “While transitional justice is normally thought of as a process of social and political transformation, repair and reconstruction, film opens a window into its emotional, human, and personal sides.” (Blum) This is owing to its ability to visually reconstruct the past, which is often harbouring the same emotional difficulties as the present as societies take the time to … Continue reading Closed Box/Open Wound