On State Terrorism and Terrorist States

Throughout history, emotions have played a key role in shaping our political societies and engagement.[1] Hobbesian theories of society conceptualise a polity based on the emotion of fear; Human beings, fearful for their own security in the state of nature – where “Man is a wolf to Man” – engage in a social contract as to ensure their own individual rights, in this contract: “Man … Continue reading On State Terrorism and Terrorist States

Eight Years

As it is eight years since people began protesting in Syria, kids getting locked up for graffiti, a revolution being born – I wanted to write something. Disclaimer for the disjointedness… “We were alone, but we didn’t realise it yet.” Brothers of the Gun Since I started to read The Morning They Came For Us I have understood the feeling inside myself more accurately. Something like … Continue reading Eight Years

Closed Box/Open Wound

Transitional Justice in “No” – Pablo Larraín. “While transitional justice is normally thought of as a process of social and political transformation, repair and reconstruction, film opens a window into its emotional, human, and personal sides.” (Blum) This is owing to its ability to visually reconstruct the past, which is often harbouring the same emotional difficulties as the present as societies take the time to … Continue reading Closed Box/Open Wound